Exporting into USA

If you are a European organization seeking fast track access into the potentially lucrative North American market, we have a team in the United States that has the experience and contacts to make it happen for you.

With a simple, clear, and direct approach we listen to your requirements and understand your targets giving focused and candid advice at every step of the way. We then draw up a plan to fast track you into the USA sectors and work with you to lay down the foundations for a profitable strategy.

This can involve all, or some, of the following:

  • Tailored research regarding the markets you are seeking to enter.
  • Advice on re-positioning your products for the North American markets including ANSI/ASME and UL approvals.
  • Legal and compliancy consultancy state by state.
  • A breakdown of the major retailers to target and how.
  • The development of promotional campaigns to make an immediate and tangible impact.
  • An implementation plan with clear timescales and deliverables.
  • Necessary and/or appropriate packaging and merchandising modifications.

Working as ‘your team in the USA' we will then partner with you to make a fast and significant impact on the export markets you are targeting.